6 Myths about sex

We will take this opportunity to correct few myths about sex.

1. Women are not virgins if they don´t have an intact hymen ( maidenhead).

Many people still believe that an intact hymen is a proof of virginity. This is not true. Hymen can break without sexual intercourse as a result of exercise, like horse riding and swimming. The hymen can also be damaged by using tampons.

2. Only women can have multiple orgasms.

Women are not the only ones who can achieve multiple orgasms. Not many people are aware that even men, with proper training, can achieve multiple orgasms. If a man can learn to control the moment of ejaculation he can achieve an orgasm without ejaculating, sexual intercourse can continue and the next orgasm will occur when he ejaculate.

3. Uncircumcised penis is not hygienic.

This is not true. Uncircumcised guys have to work a little harder to keep their penises clean but if they just retract the foreskin and wash their private parts there is no problem with hygiene. Even circumcised penises has to be washed.

4 . A woman has to be in love to achieve an orgasm.

An orgasm doesn´t have any connection with love. Scientists in New Mexico have discovered that romance doesn´t have any effects on an ability to achieve an orgasm.

5. Men don´t have sensitive nipples.

This is one more myth. A lot of people believe that nipple stimulation is exclusive for women but many men can be very sexually stimulated by nipple play.

6. A woman has to achieve an orgasm to get pregnant.

To get pregnant a woman doesn´t have to achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Although, an interested fact is that British biologists Robin Baker and Mark Bellis discovered that a woman will contain a larger volume of sperm if a man ejaculate (in her) 45 minutes after a woman has her orgasm. Muscles contraction will pull the sperm to her uterus and make it easier for her to get pregnant.


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2 Responses to “6 Myths about sex”

  1. uhmmm says:

    no seriously, did anyone think any of these were ACTUALLY true?

  2. Jim says:

    What kind of an idiot would believe these ‘myths’ to begin with?