Hailstones blasted man off toilet

An Austrian man, Martin Bierbauer, was blasted off the toilet when huge hailstones started shooting out of it.

The crazy weather in Austria where the temperature dropped over 30 degrees centigrade in just a few days has led to freak hail storms in the country.

Martin Bierbauer said: “I heard the pipes rumbling a bit, and suddenly hailstones the size of golf balls started exploding out of the toilet like it was a popcorn machine.

“There was an avalanche of ice that quickly filled the toilet, then the entire flat, and eventually the entire building.

“I ran down the stairs with the hailstones following me, and other residents did the same.”

The incident was caused by hailstones flooding into a local drain during a torrential downpour, which became blocked. The pressure become to great and the hailstones had to go somewhere and they came out through the toilets.



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